Clear Voice Coaching

Why voice coaching?


The human voice is truly amazing. It has so many capabilities. Unfortunately we often forgot about the voice or even take it for granted. Stress, old habits, as well as our cultural origins, health, and even living environment can sometimes lead to unclear speech or even vocal problems. However your voice is a miraculous instrument which when used to its full potential, can be one of your main assets. Especially now in this age of global communication, it is essential that your message be heard and understood, and the way you speak can be a deciding factor in how you come across.

According to some surveys and research, your voice and speaking style has an importance of 38 to 50% in a ´´first impression´´ situation. It is not necessarily the words, but the non-verbals - the voice together with body language and appearance - that get noticed. So even if your content is really well prepared, your voice and the way you speak is crucial to conveying it in a clear, convincing way.



I give voice coaching to people who not only need to speak for their profession in business, leadership, academia and research, but in all walks of life. In a safe environment, I encourage experimentation with the endless possibilities of vocal dynamics, range and colour. Discover the rich scala of nuances, emotions or energies in your voice and way of expressing yourself.
You will achieve more presence, confidence and relaxation for phoning, lecturing and conferences; for webinars or podcasts; for self-assured presentation or simply for socializing.
Learn and practice the Clear Voice Coaching methods to develop vocal presence and a clearer, more connected way of speaking so you can convey your message in a way that´s not only really heard but that is authentic and true to you.





In stress situations or after an illness, healthy voice-production and breathing can suffer; vocal problems in the form of tensions and compensatory habits can arise. However, with voice coaching, speech and voice-problems - hoarseness, vocal-fatigue, breathiness, vocal fry, a too soft, loud or nasal voice - can often be solved quite simply.
We use techniques from the voice training, acting, speaking and stage professions combined with posture, embodiment, movement and relaxation methods. These exercises playfully coordinate the voice, breath and body; they release tension and activate the correct muscles for effortless speaking and vocal clarity. At the same time, vocal-stamina and healthy voice-production for public speaking or presenting are built up.



Do you have problems being understood by colleagues, listeners, or your clients on the phone or in online meetings?

If you have a strong regional accent or speak English as a second or third language, your cultural heritage could result in unclear speech. This can especially create difficulties when phoning or online.
With specific voice coaching, facial muscle and breathing exercises for accent reduction, it is possible to develop clear speaking and good articulation. Your colleagues will really appreciate being able to fully understand you without you losing the charm of your original heritage or local colour.